How to Choose Healthy Food Items and Serve them for a Kid’s Event?

How to Choose Healthy Food Items and Serve them for a Kid's Event? 1

We all know that deep-fried junk food is detrimental to the health of the kids. Unlike the old times, parents and event managers are aware that no sane person would stuff their kid’s platters with bad carbs and fried food.

However, as much as we like to give our kids healthy food, we know that they are in love with junk food. Healthy food is less appealing to the kids, and this makes it challenging for event planners to design a healthy menu. But you can use the following successful tips in creating a tasty food list for a kid’s event.

Add Fresh Fruits and Vegetables in the Menu

Kids of age group 3-12 need a high amount of nutrients to fulfil the needs of their growing bodies. Fried items, no matter how much tasty they have fewer benefits for the kids. You can add drinks and desserts made of fresh fruits on the menu. Vegetables are also an excellent addition in the food list of a kids event. A lot of unhealthy fried items can be swapped with healthier vegetable options. For instance, deep-fried chicken nuggets can be replaced with baked vegetable nuggets.

Include Omega-3 Enrich Fish Meat

It has already proven that Omega-3 fatty acids play a vital role in the development of the nervous system. Developing brains of the kids need a good supply of Omega-3 brain boosters. You can replace most of the red meat items with healthier fish meat. Fish meat is more tender than red meat and chicken, which makes it a fantastic option to feed kids at a birthday party or an educational event.

Serve Food in Portions

Kids have more taste buds than adults.  More sensitive pores on the tongue of the kids let them feel the taste of food more intensely. Any food item which tastes good, kids eat it in inappropriate proportions. Suitably sized lunch boxes filled according to the nutrition guidelines make it easy to serve food. By using the lunch boxes, you will be able to control the food intake of kids.

Preparing healthy food for a kid’s event may be a challenging task for an event planner, but it is worthy enough to give it a try.

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