How to throw a disco-themed party at your place?

How to throw a disco-themed party at your place? 1

Folks belonging to 70s era will tell you that disco was the most vibrant and energetic party theme. Follow this simple guide to throw a disco-themed party at your place.

Buy the disco-themed embellishments

A disco-themed party is incomplete without the vibrant lights and decorations. If you are a true disco fan, you can buy decorations for your disco party. It’s up to your budget that what kind of decorations you are going to buy. For a massive disco celebration, you can purchase beautiful disco lights and dazzling hangings.

Decide time and menu for the party

Disco themed parties in the 70s used to have a lot of seafood and meaty dishes to energize the crowd. You can serve your guests with finger foods and seafood items. Besides that, a separate bar counter is mandatory to hydrate the dancing groups.  By setting up a bar, you can save the cost of serving staff. Guests help themselves in taking their drinks.

Drink of the night

Robust disco nights of the 70s were known to serve traditional bowl drinks to entertain the guests. For a party thrown at your place, Choose a  special drink for the night and serve it generously to your guests. Serving a single beverage also makes it easier to handle the drinks counter. Especially if you are not going to take professional help, handling of a variety of drink can become messy.

Choose disco music from the latest and old collections

Back in the 70s, disco nights were famous for their lively music. People going to a disco party has a general assumption of having good music to break the dancing floor. Music singles from “Y.M.C.A” and “Super Freak” can lit your parties.

Invite your friends and ask them to wear disco party-themed outfits

You cannot get the disco vibes until you and your guests flaunt perfect disco outfits. Bright and funky glasses paired with vibrant accessories and of course, disco-themed hairstyles or wigs can complete your disco look. Tell your friends about the invitation that they are supposed to wear disco-themed clothes.

These are the most useful tips for throwing a hit disco party.

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